Tracking Down the Best Desktop Hard Drives

There are many things to consider when picking out your next desktop hard drive including the maker’s reputation, the cost of the hard drive, and its size. It does you no good to get a bargain if the hard drive doesn’t last so don’t make price the only consideration. Here are a few great desktop hard drives you might want to keep in mind while you’re looking.

The Buffalo Technology MiniStation Stealth external hard drive is one of the smallest and lightest hard drives out there which makes it a great choice if what you want is something portable. All you have to do is plug it into your USB 2.0 port on your computer (PC or Mac) and you’ll have an additional 500 GB of storage to use. This particular external hard drive comes with a feature called Turbo PC which will make your files transfer about twice as fast as the other leading brands out there. This particular feature is great when you’ve got large files that need backing up. It also comes with something called an ECO Manager installed which helps to conserve energy and extend battery life. The Buffalo Technology MIniStation Stealth hard drive retails for just over $100, but if you shop around you can find it for even cheaper.

The Western Digital My Book World Edition is an external hard drive that was developed for network usage. When it comes to many desktop hard drives, they were not made to be with a network. Because it can work with all of the computers on a network, you might want to consider this if your computer has a network. This makes it useful for either a family with more than one computer or a small business. This device by Western Digital, a leading manufacturer of storage devices gives you 2 TB of storage space, the equivalent of 2000 GB. You simply connect the external drive to your network router and it’s all set to work. If there is ever the need to access your files remotely, then the Western Digital My World Edition hard drive can help you to do this.

When you want to buy a desktop hard drive it is important to think about security. For the most part, however, a really good external hard drive is best for helping you protect your data properly with password protection. You can also make use of software if you want to give your data an extra layer of security. However, if you want the best type of security, you should purchase a hard drive that was made to be especially secure, such as the BUSlink CipherShield Encryption external hard drive. This way your data will be encrypted with a removable key that only you will possess. It’s obvious that this sort of hard drive is going to cost more than your typical hard drive but if security is a big issue, it could be well worth it. Choosing the best desktop hard drive requires you to consider your budget as well as your needs. It’s important that you choose a hard drive that offers you the correct amount of storage space. You need to choose a brand with a fantastic reputation and it’s smart to read through some consumer reviews. If you do some research you will find a desktop hard drive that is absolutely perfect for you.

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