What You Need to Know About Computer Viruses

Computer Pyramid Diagram Showing Laptop Internet Security

Computers have incredible capabilities. They can accomplish great tasks, communicate clearly, make things move and think beyond human measure. Computers have become like humans in nearly every conceivable manner, so it’s no surprise that computers can also get sick.

The computer revolution first began picking up speed in the late 1980s. Since then, it has evolved to be a vital element in our society, our corporate and our personal lives. Computers have become part and parcel to virtually everything we do day in, and day out. But with all good comes a little bad. Some users have maliciously created computer viruses that have grave effects. The range of computer viruses existing in our modern networks has a huge prominence in our lives, because of all the ways we depend on computers. Despite our need for dependable computers, some people have nothing better to do but exercise their computer knowledge in a destructive way, creating computer viruses.

The first computer virus, called “The Brain”, was created in 1986. The Brain is a boot-sector virus, which occupies unused space on the disk to eliminate further use of memory space. After it was created, The Brain quickly spread worldwide in 1987. The Brain virus was considered first to use stealth techniques, making the virus difficult to detect.

On November 1, 1987 another virus appeared. The Lehigh virus was named after Lehigh University, the place where this particular virus was first discovered. One Friday the thirteenth, in December of that same year, the Jerusalem virus was discovered at Hebrew University. This virus has also gone by the names “AabStar”, “Friday the 13th” and the “Black Window”. This is one of the oldest and best-known computer viruses in the world.

Two more viruses surfaced in 1988: the Stone, which was the first bootstrap virus, and the Internet Worm. The Internet Worm caused mayhem in the corporate world as it crossed the United States overnight through a series of computer networks. Then in 1989, the Dark Avenger was introduced. This was a fast-infector that possessed the capability to infect new files despite the presence of anti-virus software. The Dark Avenger computer virus was designed to damage a system slowly. The virus would go unnoticed at first, and damaged files would not be backed up. Slowly it would consume more and more of your computer until it had created permanent damage.

Computer manufacturers and software engineers began the public war against computer viruses around 1990. Corporations began to respond to growing public concern and the number of anti-virus products began to rise. The threat of computer viruses was finally taken seriously. McAfee, IBM, Digital Dispatch and Iris all introduced their anti-virus products and software in 1990. Despite their efforts, computer viruses grew faster, stronger and sneakier. Symantec Norton anti-virus was introduced was introduced in 1991.

The introduction of Windows 95 brought both relief and discomfort to anti-virus companies when it was released in 1995. At that time, most common computer viruses were still boot viruses that worked on DOS, but couldn’t replicate on Windows 95. Then micro viruses were discovered in late 1995. These computer viruses performed in the MS-Word environment, rather than DOS. Again, the anti-virus industry faced challenges to fight against these new batches of viruses. With the introduction and growing popularity of the Internet in the late 1990s, viruses began to spread at a much faster rate.

Throughout 1998 there was no lessening of computer virus attacks MS Office, MS Windows, MS Office and network applications. New viruses continued to appear, and computers and advanced network-to-do applications continued to be affected. In 1999, another virus appeared, infecting computers using Microsoft Word. This computer virus may have been passed on via MS Outlook, or through Outlook Express e-mail programs.

As long as we continue to use the Internet and share computer files, we are at risk of catching computer viruses. Even today, more and more viruses are still being discovered, leading to big problems for all users, and creating ongoing dilemmas for the creators of anti-virus programs.

Like people, getting sick is an unfortunate fact of life for computers. Using up-to-date anti-virus software is a sort of preventative medicine, helping to keep computers healthy and computer viruses at bay. Lastly, go to BuckeyePC.net for maintenance and repair of your desktop computers and laptops.

3 Effective Methods to Save Money on Printer Cartridges

All of us have had to become smarter with budgeting our money such as those times when new printer cartridges are needed. Saving money on printer cartridges is actually pretty easy to do. You can do this, even if you have no experience in this area. One thing that most consumers may not think about when shopping for a new printer is learning about the ink cartridge situation. Buying a printer that is easy to work with is one of the ways that you can make your life easier when looking for replacement cartridges. Instead of having the ability to use multiple types of cartridges, some printer manufacturers make it so the printer can only use one kind. You get locked into getting it and it will cost you. Always try to get a printer that’s flexible, that allows you to buy a variety of cartridges instead.

Color ink should only be used when making the final draft. Most of the time you’ll have something in color if you’re printing business documents. It is always recommended to never use the color ink cartridge if the documents are printing have no color in them. If there is color in the document, then only print those that you personally need. Any copy that will be for your own records, black ink is what you need to use. So follow the strategy, and you will find that your coloring cartridge will last so much longer. 

Have you been in a situation where you have documents you have to produce for someone tomorrow? To prevent anxiety attacks, buy an extra print cartridge and save yourself a lot of stress.

How many people do you know who do this? Do you? It is just common sense. Think about the work requirements you face, and if you could be caught in this predicament, go out and buy a spare ink cartridge. Imagine, if you need the cartridge badly enough, you may have to order it online and have it shipped next day. Do you think this will never happen? Have you ever gone shopping locally to buy a new cartridge and no one had one in stock?

It’s no secret that brand name products are usually more expensive than off brands. Replacement parts also fall under this category. If you buy a brand name replacement printer cartridge it will usually cost you more than a compatible generic replacement. You can apply the same logic and experience with ink cartridges with generic brand type replacement cartridges. Find reviews online from people who have actually used the printer and cartridges you are considering. Obviously, the reason for this is that some generic brands perform better than other generic brands. As with any type of product, you will find generic replacement printer cartridges that are poorly manufactured and others that are as good as the brand name products. 

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the cost of printer cartridges to drop. The negative condition of the worldwide economy has put the burden on you to learn smarter ways to shop. There are many ways that you can learn to save money on your purchases – including printer cartridges.

Tracking Down the Best Desktop Hard Drives

There are many things to consider when picking out your next desktop hard drive including the maker’s reputation, the cost of the hard drive, and its size. It does you no good to get a bargain if the hard drive doesn’t last so don’t make price the only consideration. Here are a few great desktop hard drives you might want to keep in mind while you’re looking.

The Buffalo Technology MiniStation Stealth external hard drive is one of the smallest and lightest hard drives out there which makes it a great choice if what you want is something portable. All you have to do is plug it into your USB 2.0 port on your computer (PC or Mac) and you’ll have an additional 500 GB of storage to use. This particular external hard drive comes with a feature called Turbo PC which will make your files transfer about twice as fast as the other leading brands out there. This particular feature is great when you’ve got large files that need backing up. It also comes with something called an ECO Manager installed which helps to conserve energy and extend battery life. The Buffalo Technology MIniStation Stealth hard drive retails for just over $100, but if you shop around you can find it for even cheaper.

The Western Digital My Book World Edition is an external hard drive that was developed for network usage. When it comes to many desktop hard drives, they were not made to be with a network. Because it can work with all of the computers on a network, you might want to consider this if your computer has a network. This makes it useful for either a family with more than one computer or a small business. This device by Western Digital, a leading manufacturer of storage devices gives you 2 TB of storage space, the equivalent of 2000 GB. You simply connect the external drive to your network router and it’s all set to work. If there is ever the need to access your files remotely, then the Western Digital My World Edition hard drive can help you to do this.

When you want to buy a desktop hard drive it is important to think about security. For the most part, however, a really good external hard drive is best for helping you protect your data properly with password protection. You can also make use of software if you want to give your data an extra layer of security. However, if you want the best type of security, you should purchase a hard drive that was made to be especially secure, such as the BUSlink CipherShield Encryption external hard drive. This way your data will be encrypted with a removable key that only you will possess. It’s obvious that this sort of hard drive is going to cost more than your typical hard drive but if security is a big issue, it could be well worth it. Choosing the best desktop hard drive requires you to consider your budget as well as your needs. It’s important that you choose a hard drive that offers you the correct amount of storage space. You need to choose a brand with a fantastic reputation and it’s smart to read through some consumer reviews. If you do some research you will find a desktop hard drive that is absolutely perfect for you.

Computer Tips You Need To Know About

Since you are using a computer, you know there is a lot to know about it, but these are really important. To keep from getting confused or overwhelmed, you need to prioritize the information you receive. Just because you don’t understand the inner workings of your computer, doesn’t mean you should ignore protecting it. Not every piece of software is out to damage your computer, so you don’t have to fear using everything. In order to take good care of your computer, it is pretty easy to learn what you need to know. To prevent disasters from occurring with your computer, the following three tips will help.

Your computer normally generates heat when running, and that is why you will see fans mounted usually on the backend. Fans are even mounted on the top of many computer processors, also. Periodically you should be checking your cooling fans, and that is our first suggestion. You need to see if there is any dust build-up, along with making sure that they are working. Dust can clog up the fan cage, and this happens most of the time when the floor is where your computer is located. Your computer can become damaged from the heat that is trapped inside, when the fans get clogged up.

If you are new, then we recommend you never click on a window that pops-up and presents you with two choices to take an action; they are commonly malware agents. The worst part is you can hit ‘cancel’ or the little ‘x’ to close them, but they are really just masked.

Once you click on anything they will begin infecting your computer, and the way to close them without ever clicking on them is with your program manager. Once you hit: Ctrl-Alt-Del, then open the Task tab, and that is where you will see the pop-up you want to close. After you have done that, then click on the line showing the pop-up; then click the End Task command button.

Any time you do anything on your computer, your disk drive becomes a little more fragmented.

The more your hard drive becomes fragmented, the more it will slow down in speed when it accesses the hard drive. All PC’s have a little program that is the hard drive defragmentation program, and that will take care of the problem. Of course if you want to buy the software the can do this, then you can go online and find one. We have given you some simple tips for your computer that only a minimum of effort is required. Doing them is a very easy way to protect your computer, which can keep you from losing time and money. Actually, there are many other smart tips you can find that will do the same thing. Perhaps the most common advice that people do not follow is backing up their hard drives. It is a frustrating experience to have a hard drive crash, where you lose everything that was on it.

Do You Use These Important WordPress Plug-ins

Just about all but the rankest newbies have heard the name, WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that is very popular among bloggers. But really it’s for everyone – anyone can use it as they see fit. Regardless of the type of site, or purpose, WordPress can be used for it.

Internet marketers can use it on their weblogs or sales sites. That includes squeeze, or landing, pages and complete sales business websites. Customizing WordPress is stupid simple, and you could spend years just looking at themes there are so many out there. Beyond that, with the right plug-ins, you can make WordPress perform however you want it to perform. What follows next are some plugins that can help any marketer in their business.

Social media marketing is huge, and for very good reason, and you can use ShareThis plugin for bookmarking your posts/pages to social bookmarking websites. It’s simple and just installs a small link box at the bottom of each page, or end of each post. Your readers can hover over the box, and they’ll have a choice of bookmarking or networking sites they can submit your site to. So, they can easily submit to very popular sites like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and even chatting apps like AOL IM. This encourages site visitors to tell others about what they have found on your site!

You probably can easily figure out what the Similar Posts plugin does. But what it actually does is put a link at the end of your posts to other posts on your site that are related. Ok, so it’s pretty obvious why this is a good idea; it will try to interest your visitors in other posts, etc. This serves very well to maintain interest in your site. The idea is pretty much to what you need to do to keep them there.

Another excellent plugin lets your site subscribers get updates via text message, it’s called – oddly enough – SMS Text Message. It’ll install a form for people to opt-in to receive your messages. The way it works, when someone opts-in, is they put their phone number into the form, and then they’ll automatically receive updates via texts. So this is a unique approach to updating your subscribers of any site updates. However, we’re really not sure how effective this may be in the real world, so it could take some time to build a list this way.

WordPress is a fantastic and versatile content management system. One of the reasons that it is so popular is that it is free of charge to everyone. So you can do whatever you want and customize it however you want, it will always be free to do. You can add or change themes, code tweaks, add any plugins, etc. You can do this without being a programmer or web designer, and there’s no previous experience required.